Is the US having a nervous breakdown?

By |2019-08-10T17:10:13+10:00August 10th, 2019|Interviews, Opinion|

Have we gone mad? There's some crazy stuff happening in the US. We’ve recently had two mass murders and a couple of other close calls. The shootings in El Paso and Dayton could sadly be the tip of an iceberg and we could see more of these tragedies as the presidential election in 2020 gets

Murderous kids and passing of Crime Stoppers stalwart

By |2019-08-10T16:41:28+10:00August 3rd, 2019|Interviews, News, Opinion|

As tragedies play out around the world involving kids from the States to Canada, to South America and beyond, Greg discusses the key issues and also touches on the passing of one of the earliest Crime Stoppers Coordinators from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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